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Youth Program

A Program Offering Francophone Culture to Ontario Students

Concerts & Workshops Francophone Artists in Your School

The “Programme jeunesse” returns to schools.

Our youth program brings the rich arts and culture in French to your students !

Francophonie en Fête  is a non-profit organisation.  Through our Programme Jeunesse, artists go into schools to provide artistic and cultural experiences in French.

We offer workshops and concerts for all age groups from Kindergarten through high school in the Greater Toronto Area and the south-western part of the province. Our artists, many of whom are teachers themselves, present dynamic presentations allowing students to participate in a rich and diversified Canadian heritage through French.

Workshops  – Concerts – Theme Programs


MUSIC Andrea Haddad, Judith Cohen, Monsieur Philippe, Tobe Mbarga, Hannah Shira Naiman,
Chris Rawlings, Bill Russell
DANCE Tamar Ilana, Marie-Paule Jean-Gilles, Tangi Ropars
DRAMA Grace Morrison, Florian François
STORYTELLING Marylyn Peringer, Grace Morrison, Jay Bailey
DRAWING Sandra Iskandar
MOVEMENT Isabelle Hoops
HERITAGE Andrea Haddad, Jay Bailey, Judith Cohen, Hannah Shira Naiman, Bill Russell



Performance categories are defined as:

K = Jr and Sr. Kindergarten
P = Primaire = Grades 1,2,3
J = Junior = Grades 4, 5, 6
I = Intermediate = Grades 7, 8
S = Secondary = Grades 9, 10, 11, 12


Three types of programmes are available:




Theme programs

2 presentations 

per day

3 presentations 

per day

1 presentation

per day

We will design a school-wide program to suit your needs

Period : 60 à 75 min. par representation

Period : 60 à 75 min. par representation

Period : 60 à 75 min. par representation

Capacity :

50 students maximum

Capacity :

50 students maximum

Capacity :

250 students maximum elementary or secondary

Prix : 780$

Prix : 1080$

Prix : 895$

Essential Details for Making a Booking

Place your students at the heart of Toronto's cultural heritage


Online reservation and payment:

Complete a reservation request for the artist (s) on their gallery profile. We will get back to you quickly to confirm your reservation, date and other details. If possible, include artist name, preferred date, levels and number of classes in your request.

Once your reservation is confirmed, please contact Programme jeunesse to choose method of payment:
a) PayPal
b) Credit card
c) Bank transfer
d) Interact

Workshops and Concerts


• 2 minimum workshops
• 3 Workshops
• Concert
• Theme