Perhaps it’s due to their access to technology from an early age. Or the fact that we live in highly diverse urban communities that provides wide exposure to various influences. Do Millennials have a more confident nature so those of high intelligence and ambition make their mark early? Perhaps it’s a mix of all these elements. Regardless Millennials, are making a big impact in many ways.

Toronto Francophone Week Closing Concert Features Millennial Stand-up Comedians

Our closing show on March 30th celebrates Millennials with a comedy show that will leave you both enlightened and entertained. These exceptional Millennial Comedians share their hot secrets for success!

Come join us in celebrating our youth: Franco-Ontarian Millennials who are establishing success early on the entertainment scene! We take this opportunity to showcase young talent who may be the next wave of top entertainers.  Listening to them is important because they are our future. Understanding them is a step we can take to keep ourselves young at heart, and to not feel out of step with this fast-moving world around us.

Opening for Rosalie Vaillancourt are 3 talented comedians: Gabriel Burelle, Michael Girouard and Gabrielle Poirier. Each is an award-winning Franco-Ontarian Millennial.

What is the trajectory that has led them to be part of the 2019 Semaine de la Francophonie?

The Talent Contest that Nurtures Francophone Culture and Language through Humour

In 2014 Rendez-vous de la Francophonie launched a talent contest to provide a conduit for teens aged 14-18 years, to connect them with their Franco-Ontarian language and culture. The organization chose stand-up comedy as the platform for its power to promote contemporary francophone culture and nurture young talent.

Five years later the annual contest is going strong and recognising some very promising talent. Our opening act features three exceptional Millennials, who are award-winning stand up comedians.

While the show is not recommended for those under the age of 13, we encourage you to invite your favourite millennials and come as a group.  If you have students at home, they will be thrilled to attend the comedy show and the opportunity to see Rosalie Vaillancourt in a rare Toronto appearance. And if you don’t have any Millennials at home, take the opportunity to treat a millennial to a shared experience of celebrating La Francophonie. Bring a colleague or friend.

After the show, attendees are invited to a reception in the Pierre Leon Gallery. There’s a rumour that the artists will be joining us there: an opportunity to meet these young stars in person! And in the traditional welcoming charm of the event and venue, a chance to socialise in French in our own Francophone community.

Click here to purchase tickets online. $30 advance so you save $10 per ticket!