Grace Morrison (I-S)

Vignettes of New France Imagine yourself in the seventeenth century in New France! Accompanied by her of the violin, an Aboriginal drum and her beautiful voice, Grace embodies the roles of such historical figures as Continue Reading

Florian François (J-I-S)

You’re on! Theatrical improvisation Through exercises, Florian will introduce students to the values of improvisation, which are listening, team spirit, self-confidence and creativity. Students will collaborate to Continue Reading

Isabella Hoops (P-J-I-S)

The Physics of Hula Hooping! Kids will learn how to perform a multitude of Hula Hoop tricks including basic waist hooping, isolations and off-the-body routines. Learning hula hooping will contribute to children’s Continue Reading

Tangi Ropars (J-I-S)

An evening in Brittany! Tangi invites students to spend an imaginary evening with him at a Fest Noz that may last into the wee hours of the “morning”. With a brief description of his native country of Brittany in Continue Reading

Tobe Mbarga (I-S)

Awaken our singing hearts! Music is the art of combining sounds in a pleasing way. Tobe Mbarga has a deep desire to share this expression with children since they will form the future musical generation. It is in Continue Reading