Grace Morrison (I-S)

Vignettes of New France Imagine yourself in the seventeenth century in New France! Accompanied by her of the violin, an Aboriginal drum and her beautiful voice, Grace embodies the roles of such historical figures as Continue Reading

Florian François (M-I-S)

You’re on! This workshop in theatrical improvisation will help students express themselves in French while having fun. Games and exercises will highlight listening skills, teamwork and creativity. Format: workshop Continue Reading

Jay Bailey (M-I-S)

Let’s go! Time for an adventure! Jay is a real-life voyageur who takes the students on a virtual voyage of the fur trade. Dressed from head to foot in authentic voyageur clothing, he brings to life for students the Continue Reading

Freya Mcfarlane (I-S)

Yoga Since the invasion of social media in our daily lives, many young people are becoming increasingly anxious. What more unifying and calming that yoga? In Freya McFarlane’s practice, she joins the Continue Reading

Isabella Hoops (P-M-I)

Hula Hoops! With hoops in hand, students will learn how to dance and how to create a short choreography by using several techniques of the hula hoop. Format: workshop Level: Primary – Junior – Intermediate Continue Reading

Tangi Ropars (M-I-S)

An evening in Brittany! Tangi invites students to spend an imaginary evening with him at a Fest Noz that may last into the wee hours of the “morning”. With a brief description of his native country of Brittany in Continue Reading

Just Aïssi (M-I-S)

More Than A Dance In the depths of underground mines of South Africa, the workers used to communicate by drumming their feet while wearing rubber work boots. Just Aïssi shares these rhythms. They are now part of the Continue Reading