«Femme Ta Gueule»

Fri Feb 7, 2020 Al Green Theatre 8 pm
Mariana Mazza

Mariana Mazza

Montreal-based Comedian Mariana Mazza is coming to Toronto! Mark the date – Friday, February 7th at 8 pm, Mariana is performing her stand-up comedy show, Femme ta gueule! for the first to a Toronto audience.

This unstoppable comedic force, often described as an unfiltered tornado is taking French Canada by storm in her cross-country tour! One of the newest and most refreshing faces on the Canadian Standup Comedy scene, Mariana is rapidly gaining popularity from her base in Montreal to Francophone audiences right across the nation.

Francophonie-en-Fête is thrilled to host her Toronto show. Note that Femme ta gueule! is recommended for an adult audience over age 16.

Mariana Mazza, not yet 30 years old, has built a highly impressive track record. Discovered in 2013 with the TV show “En route vers mon premier gala” (On my way to my first gala), her performance of “Sable dans le vagin” (Sand in my vagina) went viral across the web in 2015. In addition to her stand up comedy, she is also a radio columnist, and has performed on the big screen in “Good Cop, Bad Cop 2” and “De Père en Flic 2″ (Father an Guns 2) during the summer of 2017.

Since the show’s launch in 2017, “Femme ta gueule” has been highly successful, earning numerous awards at the 2018 Gala des Oliviers 2017 including being named Best Comedy Act. “Femme ta gueule” has been performed to over 280,000 across Quebec, and now Toronto will get to see Mariana Mazza perform! Don’t miss this unique chance to enjoy top Francophone entertainment from Francophonie en Fete.


Mariana Mazza grew up in Montreal, Quebec in an ethnically diverse family. With a Lebanese mother and a Urugayan father, Italian and Brazilian grandparents, this multi-cultural heritage resonates with many of her fans who can appreciate the challenges and complexities of a culturally rich background.  She has sometimes been described as a mix between Frida Kahlo and Lena Dunham, and she herself prefers to identify as Frida Kahlo and her strength.

Mariana Mazza gives herself over to her audience on hot topics related to the news, her private life or her identity, but in such a funny and refreshing manner that one will always feel at ease. The only discomfort the audience might feel, she warns us about, would be stomach cramps, caused by our laughing during her show!

She draws inspiration from her personal everyday life as a young woman living in the 21st century. Like other comedians in her generation, she tackles with passion gender stereotypes. She does it while playing with her own femininity and masculinity.

In her show “Femme ta gueule”, Mariana Mazza carries the messages of someone free of complexes and taboos, who articulates with humour with vulnerability. Her humour is highly relatable, regardless of age, origin or gender, as long as they have a sense of humour!