Jacobus on stage at the 13th Annual Francophonie en Fete Music Festival


After winning a spot among the most innovative fringe of Canadian rap in Radio Radio and the duo Jacobus and Maleco, he now proudly boasts The Return of Jacobus, the title of his first solo release.

The bagpipes inaugurating the album could not be clearer: Jacques Jacobus proudly claims, more than ever, his Nova Scotian identity. The Return of Jacobus also celebrates collaborations that would have remained impossible if it were not for music, including that of Luc Langevin, who lends his voice to the intro of one of the tracks of the album, Magie Contemporaine.

Somewhere between introspection and hedonism, between questioning and swaying, between rap and electro, it is here that the artists tries to reconcile the candor of youth and the refinement of the man today.

Recorded at Meteghan’s Tide School and in collaboration with his close friend, beats creator Alexandre Arthur Comeau, his  return is the effervescent plea of a man determined to prove that the magic of life and music is not an illusion.

Liens : https://www.jacobus.mu/