Boukman Eksperyans

Boukman Eksperyans

Boukman Eksperyans, Grammy-nominated Legends of Misik Rasin from Haiti

This band is, without contest, one of the most representative groups of the “Razin” movement, which advocates for a return to the afro/euro/indigenous roots of the Haitian identity.

The group Boukman Eksperyans inserts itself in the historical lineage of rebellion. Their politically engaged lyrics and songs are most often about political liberty, nationalism, and faith.

After more than thirty active years as a band and 11 albums, the group still leads the “Rasin” movement. Welcomed by new generations, the band was invited by the Haitian-American band The Fugees to record the album “Revolution” in their New Jersey studios. Boukman Eksperyans is one of the most well-known Haitian bands on the world scene, where they incorporate different voodoo rhythms.

Their latest opus, the show “isit e kounyela”, pays homage to the present moment with its small fears and bouts of madness.



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