Yao - Francophonie en fete


This award-winning performer, Yao is part of the 13th Annual Francophonie en Fete Music Festival for 2018. Yao will be on stage as part of the Franco-Ontarian Day noon-time celebrations on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. The concert will start at 11:00 and will be held at Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main Street West, Hamilton.

A multidisciplinary artist, YAO is comparable to a modern-day troubadour. Through a gentle mix of slam poetry, jazz, and blues, this Franco-Ontarian artist has succeeded in differentiating himself. He has brought a new flavour to urban francophone music, which is gaining him recognition and many awards!

Oscillating between Slam poetry & Soul, influenced by Groove, Funk and Pop notes, YAO captivates audiences with his deep sensual baritone voice, his gentle moving poetry, and his trailblazing artistic approach.

Already compared to some of the greatest performers on stage today, his sound is somewhere between the powerful delivery of French rapper Oxmo Puccino, and mixed with Leonard Cohen’s intimate lyricism. The impact: he carries away his audiences!

What truly sets YAO apart is his eclectic pop sound, a fusion of interwoven musical influences and his own lyrical escapades. He makes you dance, smile and forget, for a moment, the occurrences of everyday life.

After several awards in Canada and many shows abroad including tours in  France, Madagascar, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, YAO demonstrates the exciting creativity that comes from his roots in Ivory Coast, is parents who were born in Togo, and the Ottawa influences that now surround and him.

Place of residence: Ottawa, ON