UNT francophonie en fête


UNT is a remarkable rock band that stands out from its competition. Band members are Michel Scotta Delorme on guitar and voice, Rick Smith on drums and Marc Porter on bass.

This powerful onstage force deliver a magnetic performance that is both visual and auditory. A “Power Trio” from Toronto immerses us in a unique sound that combines the power of rock with the beauty and sensibility of classical music, all enhanced by a touch of blues that transports us to the bayous.

Through original compositions in French, U N T encourages the audience to question the meaning of the events of society and to gather under the themes of harmony and respect. The artistic universe of this trio provokes a variety of emotions between electric atmosphere, jovial moment and catchy rhythms.

Come see UNT live at the Francophonie en Fete Free Distillery Concert on Sept 21st.