Tobe Mbarga (I-S)

Awaken our singing hearts!

Music is the art of combining sounds in a pleasing way. Tobe Mbarga has a deep desire to share this expression with children since they will form the future musical generation. It is in this perspective that children will discover singing. The workshop will begin with exercises to properly position their bodies and project their voices. The students will then perform vocal exercises before singing.

Format: Workshop or concert

Level: Intermediate – Secondary


Originally from Cameroon, Tobe Mbarga is a musician and opera singer. He trained young in choirs from a very young age and has taught singing, guitar and piano in Cameroon and Canada for 12 years. He is the winner of several music competitions in his native country and elsewhere. These honors earned him the position of lead singer at the Italian Embassy. In Canada, he has been part of the opera Ars Musica and Opera Joshua.