Tangi Ropars (J-I-S)

An evening in Brittany!

Tangi invites students to spend an imaginary evening with him at a Fest Noz that may last into the wee hours of the “morning”. With a brief description of his native country of Brittany in France, he will lead the students in a musical whirlwind, full of songs, dances in lines, dances in circles, singing dances and jumping dances. The experience of the Breton language and traditions are enchanting and compelling, not easily forgotten.

Format: workshop

Level: Junior – Intermediate – Secondary


Tangi Ropars is from Brittany in north-western France where there is still a very distinct and ancient Celtic tradition. From the age of eight, he grew up singing, dancing and playing accordion at the “fest noz” or evening dances. When he arrived in Toronto, he founded Balfolk Toronto Dancing Collective with Emilyn Stam and heads up energetic, multicultural band “Moskitto Bar”.