Drawing on Mindfulness

This workshop is geared for students of all levels and all ages. The small group session begins with stretching while promoting thoughtfulness, relaxation and growth mindset. The medium of pencil drawing and sketching together is a celebration of being in the moment. Each session includes carefully designed gradual steps to promote the craft of deep observation and to ensure each student reaches success. This class can also be easily adapted to Zoom. To promote engagement and improvement in an ever positive environment, classes conclude with a zoom spotlight to allow each student to share and discuss with each other along with Sandra, their work.

Format: workshop, in person or Zoom

Level: Primary – Junior – Intermediate – Secondary


Sandra is a practicing architect and educator who believes that we all have the capacity of drawing when applying our growth mindset. She holds a professional bachelor’s in architecture and is a licensed architect. Her professional background has aided her to become an expansive and critical thinker who blurs the lines between capacities and thinking outside the box. She is a bilingual Lead Architectural and Arts Educator with No.9 Contemporary Art & The Environment, Inner City Angels, the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Toronto Field Naturalist Club in Toronto and Burlington.