Njacko Backo (P-M-I-S)

Music Without Dance Is Not African

In Africa, dance is always associated with music. While imitating the rhythms of the rumba dances one can only experience joy. Stories and anecdotes about village life in Africa are told throughout the program of song and dance. Students are offered many percussive instruments in order to participate and experience the traditions of this magnificent continent.

Format: Workshop and concert

Levels: Primary – Junior – Intermediate – Secondary


Njacko Backo is an animator, musician, composer, dancer, choreographer, author and educator. Born in Cameroon in 1958, he was raised amid the hills of his little village called Bazou. Passionately curious about the world beyond his village, Njacko left Cameroon at a young age and adopted the life of a wandering musician throughout eastern Africa and Europe, arriving in Canada in 1988. He has spent many years performing in schools with the roots organization Mariposa in the Schools. With his world music group he has made several recordings and earned many music awards.