Michel Pagliaro

A Montreal musician born in 1948, Michel Pagliaro has always been looking for exceptional musicians. Throughout his journey, he has befriended and shared musical adventure with many artists. In 1966, he started out in recording studios where he discovered his passion for sound and production techniques. Motivated by a creative energy that inhabits him, he composes, writes and records many great timeless successes, which are always present in Francophone and Anglophone hearts. He is the recipient of a large number of prestigious awards for his songs. Without abandoning his love for musical performance, he participated in many artistic projects as a musician, arranger, director and engineer on both sides of the Atlantic. Always on the road… He goes on stage accompanied by musicians complicit in spirit and harmony with whom he delivers an electric dose for his pleasure and that of the festival goers. In his acoustic show, we celebrate! PAG revisits the hits that he created and sung in an intimate atmosphere of spirit and cheerfulness.


Place of residence: Montreal, QC

Links: www.pagliaro.ca/