Marylyn Perringer (P-M-I-S)

The world of French Canadian Legends

Marylyn Peringer tells the traditional stories of Ti-Jean, the devil, the Chasse-galerie, werewolves, goblins, will ‘o the wisps and other figures that populate French Canadian folklore. By recreating these old stories, the storyteller captivates her young public (without the use of technology) as in the days of old, by the light of the fireside.

Format: workshop

Level: Primary – Junior – Intermediate – Secondary


Marylyn Peringer has performed in schools and storytelling festivals across the country for 35 years. She tells of the legends and tales, adapting her speech according to the age groups. She is a member of Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada and in 2016 she received the honour of “Story Save” that allowed her to save registered tales in the archives of Storytellers of Canada.