Mabinty Sylla

Originally from Guinea, Mabinty Sylla is a professional dancer and teacher of African ballet, especially Guinean ballet, who adapts to all ballets in the world. Mabinty began her dance training at the age of 12 in Conakry with the Tayaly troupe led by the great Guinean percussionist Momodouba Camara, first soloist of the great ballet D’Joliba. Since arriving in Canada in 2008, Mabinty has attended eleven Afrofests in Toronto and has continued to dance and network in Toronto with associations such as the Lula Music and Arts Center and Muhtadi International Drumming. She also performs in most of the megalopolis’ African and Caribbean cultural programs such as the African Pavilion Fiesta Week in Oshawa, Carrisaga and the African Habari Festival at Harbourfront. In addition, Mabinty is a member of the African Okavango Orchestra. She teaches and choreographs West African dance in many fields, for example in schools and community programs, she also organizes private workshops for individuals and groups.

Place of residence: Toronto, ON

History of recent shows: Afrofest Toronto (2019), Oshawa Fiesta Week, ON (2019), African Habari Festival Toronto, ON (2019)