Les Chiclettes

Les Chiclettes, a Franco-Ontarian vocal trio composed of Nathalie Nadon, Geneviève Cholette and Julie Kim, are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year! Propelled onto the Franco-Ontarian music scene in 2010, winning in quick succession the Réseau Ontario, ROSEQ and Radarts awards, Les Chiclettes has given morehttps://www.leschiclettes.com than 300 performances in ten years across Canada and France. Les Chiclettes are now making an important shift towards musical humor. Their jazz music, evoking the sound of the Andrews Sisters with a more contemporary touch, supports texts that are now more engaged, avant-garde and humorous. With their intelligent words and their perspective on Woman, the three performers revisit concepts of yesteryear that have more or less evolved or deal satirically with topical issues. Whether on record or in performance, Les Chiclettes is all about enjoying the best of Franco-Ontarian culture with all this energy and musical warmth that make you want to shake your legs!

Place of residence: Toronto

Brief history of the shows: More than 300 performances across Canada and France. They represent Ontario on the show “En direct de l’univers-special francophonie” (over 2 million ratings) in 2017.

Website : https://groupejkb.ca/les-chiclettes