Isabella Hoops (P-J-I-S)

The Physics of Hula Hooping!

Kids will learn how to perform a multitude of Hula Hoop tricks including basic waist hooping, isolations and off-the-body routines. Learning hula hooping will contribute to children’s development by building confidence, interpersonal skills and co-operational skills, not to mention that it is a lot of fun!

Format: workshop

Level: Primary – Junior – Intermediate – Secondary

Space required – preferably a gym. Hula hoops provided.


Coming from a musical family, Isabella Hoops studied performing arts at Grant MacEwan College. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in education and fine arts.  As a hoop specialist, she teaches young people how to put on a show. She has taught at Circus Academy and Zero Gravity Circus, and she has toured as an artist and teacher in Europe and Asia.

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