Hannah Naiman (M/J – P-M)

Let’s Sing Together!

Prepare to laugh and sing and play! This musical presentation includes songs, tickle tunes, nursery rhymes, dances and games. Hannah will play many instruments during the show: the guitar, violin, the banjo and who knows what else!

Format : workshop

Level : Maternal

Let’s Dance together!

Through traditional French Canadian dances children will become aware of rhythm, mathematics, teamwork and space while having fun all the while. Younger students will participate in singing and partner dances and the older ones will be introduced to square dances with lively traditional music.

Format : workshop

Level : Primary – Junior


Hannah Naiman draws upon the rich pool of folklore sung and danced in both English and French. For fifteen years she has worked with toddlers in day care centers and schools running her workshops aimed at initiating young Francophones to the culture. She is also a recipient of the Parents’ Choice Award in 2012.