Grace Morrison (I-S)

Vignettes of New France

Imagine yourself in the seventeenth century in New France! Accompanied by her of the violin, an Aboriginal drum and her beautiful voice, Grace embodies the roles of such historical figures as Madeleine de Verchères, Jean Talon and Tecumseh. Through exchanges between her and the audience, the participants will receive a unique “first hand” experience. Student participation is encouraged and in preparation for their roles, teachers will receive documentation in advance.

Format : workshop

Level: Intermediate – Secondary


Grace Morrison is a musician, a facilitator, a writer and a teacher. She was the chair of her French immersion in Toronto. She has also taught in Quebec, the United States and Scotland. For more than twenty years she has performed in schools, libraries and universities across Canada. She is also the author of the pedagogical series “Vignettes on the history of Canada” and the English version, “New France”.

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