Choila Katana Diaboté

Cheka (Tchéka) Katenen Dioubate was raised by the Manding people from the ancient city of Kankan in Guinea, in the tradition of Djeli (or Singer of Praises). Her main instrument is her voice, though she also knows how to dance, play piano and a few traditional percussion instruments from the Guinea region of West Africa.  

The fonction of the Djelis or Griots, as they are sometimes called in the West, is an important component of Manding cultural expression. Cheka was born in a very musical family, to a Djelis mother and father.

In the Manding culture, children born in a musical family are encouraged to adhere to the traditional cultures and occupy a place of honor in society. Cheka also produced two albums, the most recent came out in early 2016.

Place of residence: Toronto, ON