Chantal Leblanc (S)

The wisdom of the medicine wheel, the circle of life!

Discover this metaphor of First Nations, Inuit and Métis of Turtle Island. Unveil its mysteries, the gifts surrounding life and nature by making a necklace of sacred herbs and performing a purification ceremony.

Format: Workshop of 15 people

Level: Secondary

*Note: a two-hour workshop represents two workshops of one hour

Supplementary fee: $50 to cover cost of materials


Chantal Leblanc is a Métis artist who has been teaching visual arts to young Francophones in the region of Toronto for many years and she is also the Artist Laureate for the Monavenir school board. She has presented workshops for Expo and the Visionart Festival. She is part of several non-profit organizations, including Bravo and in 2017, she received the award for excellence in artistic teaching from the Ontario Foundation for the Arts.