Selamawit Gebru

Selamawit Gebru is a talented singer from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a student she was interested in drama and literature. Over time she awakened to her talent and passion for music. She pursued her talent, Continue Reading

Daniel Nebiat

Born and raised in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, Daniel Nebiat picked up the krar and was an early age, performing traditional songs and singing in his language, Tigrigna. In Canada since 1996, Nebiat’s Continue Reading

Fethi Nadjem

Fethi Nadjem was born in 1983 in Algeria where he grew up in a family of musicians. He began playing the guitar and oud at the age of 13, and developed his skills within the Fine Arts Association in Algiers. He Continue Reading

Julie Kim

Originally from Beauharnois Quebec, Julie Kim has lived in Toronto for 16 years. She showed her musical talents from a young age with piano lessons. However song proved the best avenue to express her talent. She is Continue Reading

Fred Boutin

Fred Boutin is a musician, author, composer and performer from Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec. He has been living in Toronto for the past ten years and performs mainly in his native French language. After a 10-year break Continue Reading

Cactus Club

Based in Toronto, Cactus Club is a band composed of Robin Mason (drums / percussion), Andrew Rucklidge (guitar / piano / organ) and Lionel Tissot (bass / vocals). A meeting of talents for modern sounds. Before Continue Reading

Dieufaite Charles

Dieufaite Charles, formally known as JAHFAA, is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His style of music reflects a mixture of Haitian roots and African rhythm that he calls “the African soul”. Dieufaite’s Continue Reading

Joanne Morra

For more than a decade, Joanne Morra has sung jazz, blues, and funk in the halls of Toronto and GTA where she charmed a wide audience. Her artistic career gave her a training in various workshops at one of which is Continue Reading


Akwaba is commonly used by the people of Akan in Ivory Coast of West Africa, which means «Welcome. In a sense, Akwaba reflects the philosophy of this organisation whereby the goal is to bring sensibility to the rich Continue Reading

Ambiance the Band

Ambiance the Band returns to the Francophonie en Fête stage in 2019. They are performing at the Distillery District as part of the Free Concert Series. Ambiance the Band brings a touch of French song to Toronto. The Continue Reading