Afro-Caribbean Musical Extravaganza

Emmanuel Jal in Concert
Abel Maxwell (Opening Act)

September 28, 2019, 8 PM Al Green Theatre 750 Spadina Ave Spadina Station

Celebrate Summer at our Annual Afro-Caribbean Musical Extravaganza!

The energized beats of Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal is a multifaceted artist. He is not only a successful performer, but also an internationally well-known speaker, activist and humanitarian. Emmanuel is also he founder of the charitable organization “Gua Africa”. After a remarkable childhood fighting in South Sudan, Emmanuel jumped at the chance to start a new life in Canada.  His music inspires us to embrace justice, equality and freedom for all.

From an early Hip Hop sound, Emmanuel has evolved as an artist, and his music is very  mainstream.  His trademark, the African beats representing his African roots, is still preserved in music that has wide appeal to all ages and backgrounds. Don’t miss this exceptional talent who is performing as part the the 14th Annual Francophonie en Fete!

His latest album “Naath”, recorded with his estranged sister, is a dynamic, afrobeat-infused album inspired by the sounds of Sudan and Emmanuel’s creative touch.

In his own words:

“I share my story for social-emotional learning through the arts, business and philanthropy. I create experiences with music, healing, education and healthy living so that together, we can create a positive, global awakening.” – Emmanuel Jal

Don’t miss Emmanuel Jal on stage in Toronto as part of the 14th Annual Francophonie en Fete Music Festival.

The music of EMMANUEL JAL

Multi-talented Abel Maxwell: Opening Act

The opening act of the Afro-Caribbean Musical Extravaganza is none other than Abel Maxwell, performing Zouk Kompas style music!

He has a respected reputation as an artist, songwriter and producer with an international musical background (Europe, Africa and North America). He is also an entrepreneur, label manager at B.O.D.B Entertainment and co-author of the best-seller book “Transform”.

Abel Maxwell’s music is motivated by his personal experiences, with a compelling message inviting us to fight for our dreams, face hardships with a winning attitude, and embrace the hard work to realize that our dreams for life are within our reach.

It is with this determination and conviction that “Victory” was released in July. “It’s a song about the dream of a small child who wants to make something big happen, but who eventually realizes that life is not that simple. Yes, it is not easy, but with courage and determination, this child succeeds. Victory is possible.” He explains to L’Express.

The music of ABEL MAXWELL